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Introduce new tones to your home or office

Every piece of wood that you have in your home deserves a finish that will protect it from the elements. Wood finish can be divided by a simple process of which they penetrate the wood when applied.


While penetrating finishes are extremely easy to apply and leave a natural look and feel to the wood, surface finishes are more durable, but lack the natural look.

Finishes are important to wood

Applying a wood finish to your home or office products is essential to help keep the integrity of the wood. Without a finish, wood can dry and crack and is more susceptible to the elements.

What is the best finish for your project?

Working with different types of woods and the finishes that works the best for that type of wood can be extremely confusing. Trust in our team to show you how well certain woods and finishes find harmony. Our services have been efficient and affordable since 1933.

Without a finish, wood can dry, crack, and deteriorate or split apart if exposed to moisture.


Call today for a comprehensive list of products that can be greatly enhanced by proper finishing.


Finishes include:

- Colored

- Natural

- Waxes

- Linseed oil

- Tung oil

Deep, rich colors or light, airy tones; the choice is yours.

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